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I have worked with a range of clientele; young children and teens, adults, couples and families, supporting compassion and understanding to their  particular circumstances. A Mindful approach to therapy is to offer clients my true presence and deep listening. Clients often are in search of clarity, to be heard, understood and acknowledged. I seek to assist clients with developing clarity and choices. All with the goal of supporting a healthy well being, a life of mindfulness and connection.

Counseling for Individual Adults and Transitional Age Adults, 18-26:


  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Self Esteem Building and Self Validation

  • Learning coping skills for Depression and Anxiety

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Anger Management

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Relationship Enhancement via skills of accurate expression 

  • and validation of self and others

Counseling for Couples and Families:


  • Building effective communications skills; accurate expression

  • and validation

  • Problem Solving Strategies

  • Intimacy Restoration via finding acceptance and closeness

  • Multi-Cultural Relationships

DBT Skills Groups and Workshops:

Introduction to Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Skills

These six weekly one hour group sessions are designed to provide participants with an overview of the Dialectic Behavioral Therapy concepts and to introduce the four DBT skills modules; Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotional Regulation, and Distress Tolerance/Radical Acceptance. Participants will learn what the DBT skills are, how it will be helpful, when to apply these learned skills, and have opportunities to practice these skills.

Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance Skills Group

These 12 weekly 90 minute group sessions offer an intensive DBT skills training to engage your Wise Mind towards creating a life that works for you. The 4 modules of skills will be taught in depth with examples of how to practice the skills. Participants will learn what the DBT skills are, how it will be helpful, when to apply these learned skills, and have the opportunity practice these skills. The practice of these DBT skills will help individuals gain clarity with what is important and enhance ones’ ability to better manage crisis and develop effective behaviors towards living one desires.

DBT Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance Skills Practice Group

These six weekly 90 minute group sessions will focus on the skills Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance. Practicing these skills enables you to be aware of your states of mind, allowing you to stop letting your mind be in control of you. Mindful practice reduces suffering, tension, stress and increases happiness. Experience reality as it is, live life with your eyes wide open. Radical Acceptance skills practice is the willingness of letting go of fighting and rejecting reality. To open fully to the experience of what is, just as it is, at this moment. Willingness Skills practice is the readiness to respond from Wise Mind to the moment. Participants will get an overview of the DBT skills, learn how these skills will enhance their ability to better manage crisis and develop effective behaviors towards living a healthier and meaningful life. Group and individual practice exercises will help members incorporate DBT skills of Mindfulness Practice and Radical Acceptance to daily life; seeing, responding and experiencing life as "what is".

Why do my emotions get so out of hand?

These four weekly 90 minute group sessions will focus on Mindfulness and Emotional Regulations Skills.  You will learn skills and have opportunities to pratice how to work with highly aroused emotional states. When you experience intense emotions and react, the consequences of your actioins are generally not helpful and possibly creates more difficulties. Emotions are purposeful; they serve to motivate action, to influence others and to inform you of what you are feeling and thinking. Understanding your emotions and thoughts will help you identify the underlying threat or unmet need. Mindfulness Skills wll allow you to recongize habitual thoughts and behavioral reactions that are not working for you, With awareness you will identify what is important for you and accurately address what is needed. Emotional Regulation Skills will help you reduce emotional vulnerability and reduce emotional reactivity. With these skills you will response in ways that benefit you.

Men’s Groups:

  • Improving Communications,

  • Benefit From Couples Counseling,

  • Anger Management

  • DBT Skills Group for Men

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